River Fish King

River Fish King headed by James Wong, born in Sibu, Sarawak and who grew up along the river bank of Rajang River where the tastiest wild Empuraus are commonly found and incidently were successfully marketed by him as the “Unforgettable” fish throughout ASIA's top notch seafood restaurants and hotels.

His aquatics passion and antics has endeared him to many food critics, celebrities, the rich and famous, casting James Wong as the 'River Fish Expert' in Malaysia and one who delivers the real thing (fish species) with exceptional quality to an industry that are growing well over RM2 billion of annual sales turnover.

James Wong currently operates three river fish farms in addition to three seafood restaurants which he uses to showcase his passion for river fish and its delicacies to foodies from all over the world.

He travels frequently to develop the river fish industry while identifying and securing quality river produce from ASIA's rivers, fueled by a single minded in purpose, providing only the best from ASIA to his growing clientele.

His latest endeavour is to promote unique species found only in the rivers of Malaysia to the world via ASIA RIVER FISH,a marketing arm of his river fish farming industries.